Fischer VL410C Vinylester resin 410ml


Resin for use in Masonry and Concrete, Vinylester for Internal / External use , with approval.

410ml cartridge volume

Sold individually with 2 nozzles

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Fischer’s FIS VL is a 2-component solid injection mortar for standard applications in cracked concrete and masonry in a 410ml Cartridge.

The resin and hardener are stored in two separate chambers and are not mixed and activated until extrusion through the static mixer nozzle. Partially used cartridges can be reused, simply by changing the nozzle.

Applications Include:

– Steelwork construction
– Timber constructions
– Guard rails
– Facades
– Staircases
– Steel brackets
– Machines
– Masts
– Awnings
– Canopies
– Gates
– Consoles
– Pipelines
– Gratings
– Satellite antennas

Approved for anchorings in:

– Concrete C20/C25 to C50/C60, cracked
– Hollow bricks made from lightweight concrete
– Vertically perforated bricks
– Perforated sand-lime brick
– Solid sand-lime brick
– Solid brick
– Rebar connections
– Aerated concrete

Fischer Product Code: 539463

Sold individually with 2 nozzles.