6.0 x 160mm SPAX Cylindric Head T-STAR Plus

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6 x 160 Fully Threaded cylinder shape head , Spax t star drive , with a Wirox coating.

6mm x 160mm

Box of 100 ,

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The typical SPAX T-STAR plus drive is a so-called hexalobular internal. This shape increases the contact surface of our T-STAR plus and ensures optimal positioning for the T-STAR plus bits in the screw head. By enabling maximum force transmission from the screwdriver to the screw, T-STAR plus guarantees simple and ultra-fast work with much more efficiency than with other drives.

Unlike the partial thread, the full thread spans the entire screw length. The more thread turn a screw has, the greater the tensile and compressive forces that can be transferred by these screws to the wood. Our full-thread screws are predominantly used for heavy-duty wood connections.

The term 4CUT stands for the arrow-shaped design of the screw tip. These edges displace the wood fibres upon insertion and create space for the core diameter of the screw. The expansion at the core of the wood is reduced, preventing wood splitting around the edges. The required cordless screwdriver torque is also reduced, since the screw core no longer needs to “squeeze” into the wood.

With WIROX, SPAX has developed a coating that is far superior to galvanisation when it comes to corrosion protection. No chromium(VI) is used for WIROX, which means that even after years in an area not directly exposed to the elements, the screws are not only just as resilient, but are entirely environmentally friendly, too. WIROX screws are the ideal choice for all open structures without direct exposure to the elements, such as carports and pergolas. For areas with direct weather exposure, such as decking, we recommend our stainless-steel screws.